Thanks from British Columbia Aviation Museum

…on behalf of the British Columbia Aviation Museum, please let me thank you again for the fabulous work that you did in producing 6, 3 D printed cylinders for our reproduction aircraft engine.

The engine is a Roberts 6X, a 6 cylinder inline water cooled two stoke engine made of aluminium producing 75 H.P. The Roberts Motor Company of Sandusky, Ohio made a series of two-stroke engines for boats, then aircraft.

The Hoffar brothers of North Vancouver used a Roberts 6X in their float plane, the H 1 in 1917. The volunteers of the British Columbia Aviation Museum are in the process of building a full size replica of the Hoffar H 1.

With the great assistance of Warren Strome the owner of Revolution 3 D Printers & assisted by Sandy Colvine, 3 D drawings were produced and 6 cylinders for the engine were 3 D printed.

The results have astounded all that have seen them. Many hours were saved by the volunteers through this process & I believe that we could not have equaled the results on our own.

Robert L. Hopkink
Chief Engineer, Queen of Saanich, retired.

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