INFINITY3D Single Extruder Printer

INFINITY3D Dual Extruder Printer


The INFINITY3D Printer was developed partly by drawing on over twenty years of aviation engineering.

That sounds really great, but your next question might be – what bearing does that have on a 3D printer?

It means that much like aircraft and helicopters whose life expectancy and performance requirements far outstrip more common modes of transportation like cars or bikes, the INFINITY3D printer is designed to outperform and outlast the competition.


Below are a number of features which help set the INFINITY3D in a class all of its own, and it all starts with modularity…

One of the keys to the INFINITY3D’s long life is its modular build.  This allows users of the INFINITY3D to stay ‘up’ with current trends and changes in 3D printing technology without having to dispose of their existing unit.  Extruders, steppers, even the motherboard can all be removed and replaced if and when needed… a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new unit!

Some printers have been through as many as 5 generations, and are planning more.

Modularity, by allowing incremental upgrades as needed to your printer is an important way the INFINITY3D differs from most other printers currently on the market.

But it’s not the only one

Professional Grade Extruders

Our professional grade extruders are precision machined from a solid block of aluminum.  This benefits you in three ways:

This guarantees incomparable accuracy at temperatures up to 315° Celsius/599° Fahrenheit, and incredible material versatility that allows you to use almost any material currently on the market.

It also means that the life expectancy of the INFINITY3D’s extruders exceeds 10,000 hours.

Combined, not only do the INFINITY3D printers extruders offer users versatility, but they are also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The option?  Most other 3D printers on the market use extruders with a life expectancy of roughly 1,000 hours and require periodic head replacements at a cost of between $200 – 500.  At a 10-1 use ratio, we invite you to do the math.

No extruder replacement means reduced long term costs

EXTRUDERS: Single or Dual - What's the difference?

On the surface, the difference between a single and dual extruder is pretty simple.  A single extruder can print with one filament at a time, and a dual extruder can print with two filaments at a time.

At its most basic, a dual extruder allows a user to print two color prints.

But that’s not the true value of a dual extruder.  Dual extruders allow you to print congruently using two different types of filaments at the same time.  And the benefits of that option can be far reaching.

A perfect example of the benefits comes when printing any model with a complex geometry.  Such models often require support structures.  A single extruder using a single filament will construct the support structure using the same filament used for the model print.  When this happens, often times – and pending settings – the model and support will fuse, leading to post production work like chipping or sanding.

A dual extruder allows the use of a supplementary support material like Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), HIPS or PolySupport simultaneously.  These materials are designed to either dissolve or breakaway completely greatly reducing the amount of post product work required, making not only complex models more manageable, but smaller scale components with finer details.

Full Control at your fingertips

The Revolution 3D Printers Touch Pad Interface is a user friendly control panel that comes equipped with fully accessible open-source software created for both the most experienced and newest users.

The Touch Pad Interface is:

  • WiFi capable and does not require wired or USB input and file transfer
  • Cloud capable, allowing multiple users from diverse locations access to the same device
  • Equipped with a Webcam that can let you know when your prints are done
  • Equipped with an onboard slicer to streamline the model-to-print process, or can accommodate pre-sliced G-code from your preferred software (Simplify3D, Cura, Tinkerine Suite, etc…)

The Touch Pad Interface also allows you to:

  • Manipulate your design by scaling, rotating, repairing and multiplying.
  • Control all settings related to material temperature, bed temperature, layer height, infill, speeds, support materials, rafts and skirts.
  • Comes with material presets for some of the most commonly used filaments: PLA, ABS, HIPS, Taulman nylons and a few others, for a fast and trouble-free experience.
  • Allows you to create additional presets that best suit your needs and favorite materials.


The XZ Axis

The rigid construction of all axes on this 3d printer is one of the features that make it so reliable.

Dual 10mm hardened rods with linear bearings on both levitra online axes provides a solid foundation for a variety of 3d printer extruders. The 3d printer heated bed is mounted on the dual 10mm hardened Y axis rods, which means a virtual elimination of constantly having to level and re-level the 3d printer bed after every 3d print endemic to 3d printers with the bed mounted on the Z-axis. The optical stop mounted on the Z axis provides precise positioning to ensure every 3d print starts successfully. The combination of all these features provides the basis for why the INFINITY 3D printer offers such a high degree of accuracy and dependability print after print.

The X and Z axes are standalone components which reduces weight, parts count and eases maintenance. The extruder carriage is mounted on the X axis and provides the universal mount for our current and future extruders. The wiring harness provides for easy replacement.

Heated Bed and Glass Build Plate

3D Printing without a heated bed is a thing of the past. With the large variety of materials on the market, a heated bed is essential to ensure successful 3D printing. The 3d printer build platform is adjusted for an even printing surface. No need to adjust, we have already done that work for you.

Our 3d printer quick change build platform is designed to allow for quick and easy removal. Keep several build platforms on hand to continue 3d printing without interruption. We highly recommend the use of 3D LAC build platform adhesive for easy and quick 3d printing.

Aluminium Frame

The INFINITY 3D desktop 3d printer is encased in a precision cut aluminum frame rather than acrylic. This strong and durable choice is both light weight, allowing for augmentation and addition 3d printer technology advances.

Our CNC machined and powder-coated aluminium 3d printer frames are naturally corrosion-resistant and 100% recyclable, making them more environmentally friendly than the alternatives.

  The Infinity 3D printer is proudly developed, manufactured and assembled in Canada.

assortment of 3d printing material spools


?In addition to our own tried and tested R3DP brand OEM filament, the INFINITY 3D printer can print using the following materials?….

  • PLA
  • ColorFabb PLA+PHA
  • ColorFabb XT
  • Taulman PLAdium PLA+PMMA
  • ProtoPasta Carbon Fiber PLA
  • ABS
  • HIPS
  • FilaFlex
  • NinjaFlex
  • Taulman PCTPE
  • Taulman BluPrint
  • Taulman Bridge
  • Taulman Alloy 910
  • Taulman 680 FDA Nylon
  • Taulman T-Glase
  • Taulman 618 Nylon
  • Taulman 645 Nylon
  • Igus Iglidur
  • ColorFabb Bronzefill
  • ColorFabb CopperFill
  • ColorFabb WoodFill
  • ColorFabb BambooFill
  • Polycarbonates

...and counting

Most 3D printers

  • PLA
  • ABS