Congratulations on the purchase of your INFINITY3D printer and welcome to the R3DP family!

Additive manufacturing, or what many have come to call 3D printing, is revolutionizing the way the world….makes.

Whether you are an elementary school teacher seeking to teach kids the basics of computer design; a multi-million dollar air purifier manufacturer; or a billion dollar car maker, the INFINITY3D printer is the tool of choice to help you bring your creation into reality.

But no matter the sophistication of the tool, ultimately it is only as good as its user.  In many ways, using a 3D printer is like cooking.  You can have all the tools and ingredients you need, but you still need to follow a recipe to create a meal.  Once you’ve made the meal once, it’s a bit easier to do it a second time…and you can make changes to suit your tastes.

We know that getting a new printer is exciting, but we would like you to just stop a moment and read through the following steps.

The INFINITY3D printer is designed to be the most rugged and versatile desktop 3D printer on the market, and it’s unique modular frame offers you cost-effective upgrading capabilities second to none. 

The INFINITY3D is NOT a plug and play printer, and whether you have used 3D printers or not, there is a learning curve.  Each INFINITY3D comes with two integral manuals that we strongly encourage owners to review.  Should you want to take a moment and review them prior the arrival of your printer, or would simply like a digital copy, we’ve made them available for you below.


  • The first is the UNPACKING GUIDE, which contains information to help you unpack and prepare the INFINITY3D for use. There are a number of restraints in place to ensure that the printer stays as close to factory calibration as possible, and one of the things the UNPACKING GUIDE will do is ensure you remove each of them.

We’ve listed 5 steps to help get you get up and going. 

It may seem like a lot, but each of the steps are fairly short, and will save you a lot of time.

Let’s get started…

STEP 1: Set up a working environment

Setting up a work environment that is stable and well ventilated is an important first step and should not be skipped.

STEP 2: Download, Install, and Setup MatterControl Dashboard on a Desktop Computer

A MatterControl account is a very important step. 

A MatterControl account on your desktop helps you preview and make modifications to printable files, and provides you with with capacity to upload to the Cloud.  In addition, a MatterControl account offers you the ability to sync your printer to a browser (computer or even phone), so that you can get progress reports, request in-progress print pictures, and even remotely start your print using your phone!

STEP 3: Unpacking Instructions for the Infinity 3D Printer

Unpacking the INFINITY3D may sound pretty easy, but there are straps and restraints to ensure the printer stays as close as possible to factory settings and calibration.

STEP 4: Connect the Touch Interface to a Wi-Fi Network

Almost there. Connecting the touch interface to a Wi-Fi Network is important because it will allow you to transfer files and give you access to a host of other features.  

Once you are connected to a Wi-Fi Network, you will need to…

Setup MatterControl User Account on the Touch Interface

STEP 5: Register and Sign-In to the R3DP Support Desk

The R3DP Support Desk is second to none when it comes to providing users with the support they need not only to operate and maintain their INFINITY3D, but to help them get the perfect print by supplying a wide body of information sharing experience and ‘best-practices’. 

You have questions?

Our Support Desk has answers!

Is that it?

No.  In truth, your experience is just the beginning.

The 5 short steps detailed above are to get you up and running, and to ‘plug you in’ to both MatterControl and to our Support Desk.

Now comes the fun part.


Load filament into extruder

Once you have your filament in the extruder, you are ready to start your first print.  Please turn to pages 75-78 in your Maintenance and Operations Manual for details.

Your first print sets you on the path towards endless hours of designing, redesigning and making…and a whole lot of fun.

Questions can arise at any time, and as has already been mentioned, your Operations and Maintenance Manual is an excellent source of information, and so is our Support Desk.

Again, welcome to the INFINITY3D family…and enjoy your new printer!