In this month’s Coolbox, we a look at the amazing work done by Patrick Lawson!

Below are a couple of pictures of a project he has been working on. It is a model of the Seaspan Raven. Says Mr Lawson:

“For use in the model sized Seaspan Raven, the crane, lifeboat, deck winches, hatches and anchors — even the railings and windshield wipers — were 3D printed.  The tapered mast would have been a challenge to build using traditional modelling techniques, but I was able to print it too. The hull was printed in sections and then glued together. The 3D parts for this model were printed using a material called PLA which is very stable and doesn’t warp — a big advantage for small parts.”

Patrick used Vectorworks to design the required components and export as .STL files, which were then imported into MatterControl and remotely queued to print!

The original full-sized Seaspan Raven is owned by Seaspan ULC. It is classified as a ‘Towing and Escort Vessel’, was designed by Robert Allan Ltd and built in 2009. The Seaspan Eagle, Osprey and Kestrel are sister ships to the Seaspan Raven.

They were built in Turkey at Sanmar Shipyard.

Awesome work, Patrick!




You would have to be basking under a Hawaiian sun not to have heard about the snow storms hitting much of the eastern seaboard!

And if you are like hundreds of other motorists, you’ve no-doubt had your share of roadside mishaps as your car veers into snowbanks and you need the help of a good Samaritan to pull you out.

Well, R3DP can’t help you 3D print a snow tire (yet!), but we can maybe provide a couple of novel prints for…other…forms of transportation!

Like this snow tire for a remote controlled vehicle!

(Check back in few days for the download link!)


Or retrofitted skis for this scooter!

(Check back in a few days for the download link)


Remember, it might be cold…but misery is in the eye of the beholder!

Have fun!





Christmas is around the corner, along with a plethora of new uses for your 3D printer!

Let’s start off with ORNAMENTS!

Use your 3D printer to create truly personalized and creative ornaments for tree or around the house that will amaze your guests. Not only does 3D printing and a host of easy-to-use CAD software give you the tools needed to create imaginative and unique designs, but a great many of the growing list of filaments currently in the market lend themselves extremely well to adding a little pizzazz to those creations!

Some of the properties alternative filaments can provide you include:

• blended materials, with wood or metals like brass or copper
• glow in the dark properties
• magnetic filaments
• translucent materials

Can’t quite find that great gift idea?

Design and make it!

From toys for the kids to His and Hers novelties and just things for around the house, 3D printing offers a fun, cost effective and innovative way to give gifts that are truly from your heart, and not the local store.

R3DP does not offer downloadable files for print but hopes to do so in the future.  Readers wishing to find printable files online can do so at a host of existing sites.

Note to users though, not all available files offer quality prints and we urge proper vetting and caution when using them!

Have a great Christmas!