taulman BluPrint – 1.75mm – 500g

taulman BluPrint – 1.75mm – 500g

BluPrint is a specialty polymer developed to specifically handle High Heat Deflection requirements.? With a Tg of 110C and a print temp of 285C, BluPrint is an easy to print polymer that comes as a clear material (very subtle blue hue) similar to t-glase.

BluPrint has a Tg of 110C but with a print temp of only 265C. Prints cold or warm (45C) BuilTak and on clean glass heated to ~92C. BluPrint is a semi-clear material of ~ 84% transmission. Like all taulman3D materials, BluPrint is a 100% bonding layer to layer polymer when printed at defined temperatures. A significant advantage of BluPrint is that users and industry can print at speeds of 44mm/s with a 1mm nozzle and .46mm layer. As layer and nozzle size go down, speeds increase as expected to 120mm/s with a .4mm nozzle. BluPrint will allow designers to 3D Print parts that will take high heat for outdoor use such as part replacements for Autos, Boats and Aircraft.


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Dimensions : 13 x 13 x 8 cm

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