Support filaments are used in dual extruder machines as a secondary filament to facilitate prints with complex geometries.

There are different types of support filaments.

PVA – Polyvinyl Alcohol, is likely the best known as the material used in everyday Tide detergent pods.  Because it dissolves in water, it is easy to use and very popular.

Because PVA is water soluble, it is hygroscopic and needs to be kept in a dry storage container when not being used.

HIPS – High Impact Polystyrene is similar to PVA in that it a soluble filament but unlike PVA requires the D-Limonene reagent.  HIPS has the advantage of not being as hygroscopic as PVA, and does not require as much attention to ambient humidity

PolySupport – Is a breakaway support material.  It does not dissolve like the other two, but rather allows the user to simply break off any support structures used during the print.

For more details regarding Support Filaments, please check out our Filament Support page by clicking HERE.


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