PLA is the entry level filament used by all 3D printers.  For more information about PLA filaments, please check out 3D Printing Materials Page by clicking HERE.

In addition to Colorfabb filaments, R3DP has teamed up with Polymaker to supply  Revolution 3D Printers OEM filaments to provide you with one of the best 3D printing filaments on the market.

Tried – Tested – True

What’s the difference?

POLYLITE – A reliable and economical choice

POLYPLUS – The standard in PLA filaments, produced with PolyMaker’s patented Jam-Free technology to ensure consistent extrusion

POLYMAX – Like the standard PolyPlus, but tougher and more heat resistant.  PolyMax is great for engineering grade prototypes!

COLORFABB – No one offers PLA in a wider array of colors than ColorFabb….!

We have spent countless hours testing and verifying these filaments to ensure quality and usability. We value our time and appreciate using filaments that do not create any additional extrusion problems. We use these filaments in the construction of our printers because we are confident in the consistency and quality delivered.