PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a very 3D printing friendly material, and manufacturers have discovered that the base PLA blends well with infused grains from non-plastics (like wood and metal) to give the filament – and subsequently the print – aesthetic properties that simulate the infused material.

The WoodFill, BrassFill, CopperFill and BronzeFill filaments below all have a distinct look and feel when printed that simulates the materials in question.


PolyMakers PC Plus – a polycarbonate based filament

ColorFabb XT CF-20 – a polymer filament reinforced with 20% specially sourced carbon fibers.

There are literally hundreds of printable 3D filaments on the market today, and while the INFINITY3D is able to print nearly all of them, we offer only those demanded by our clients the most.

If you don’t see a filament you are interested in here or in any of the other categories we have available, let us know so we can determine whether there is value in adding that filament to our product offering.

PLEASE NOTE:  PLA blended and exotic filaments tend to be a little hard on nozzles.  We recommend purchasing a dedicated nozzle for the filaments you are considering…