Nylon 3D Printing filament is rapidly becoming the best all purpose filaments on the market, and taulman3d is the pioneer in engineering top-line filament to suit any need.

Whether you are looking for strength, durability, or translucent filaments, nylon is the answer you are looking for.  Check out our nylon filament offering here.

taulman3D BluPrint
BluPrint is a specialty polymer developed to specifically handle High Heat Deflection requirements.  With a Tg of 110C and a print temp of 285C, BluPrint is an easy to print polymer that comes as a clear material (very subtle blue hue) similar to t-glase.

taulman3D Bridge
Bridge Nylon is similar to Nylon 645 with excellent tensile and low friction surface.  While similar to Nylon 645, Bridge is chemical resistant to most chemicals except chlorine, bromines and some petrols.  Bridge Nylon is fully capable of thread tapping and machine tooling.

taulman3D Nylon 680
taulman3D is extremely pleased to have co-operated with their top tier chemical company and extrusion manufacturing company to produce an excellent polymer that not only meets chemical requirements, but enables the use of nylon 680 in most FFM type 3D Printers.  

taulman3D Nylon 645
Nylon 645 is currently being used by CNC shops around the world to support quick turn prototypes for Pre-Pilot and Pilot runs as well as some limited production runs.  Nylon 645 has the highest chemical resistance of all of our Nylons and is highly compatible where Nylon 6,6 is required.

taulman3D PCTPE
PCTPE stands for “Plasticized Copolyamide TPE” or a chemical co-polymer of highly flexible nylon and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) .  PCTPE has several unique features that allow any user to print a highly flexible part with the added durability of our nylon polymers.  This combination of polymers was developed specifically to allow anyone using current FFF 3D Printers to print parts from durable prosthetics to complete cosplay wearable outfits, cell phone enclosures as well as highly flexible utility/industrial parts.  The flexibility of PCTPE means that the end parts will have the smooth lustrous texture of nylon, and the added flexibility offered by a rubber like TPE.

taulman3D Alloy 910
Super Hard Alloy 910 is a measurable advancement in 3D Printing materials technology from taulman3D.  taulman Alloy 910 as stiff as PLA yet retains the durability of a hard Nylon. Alloy 910 is the combined effort of chemical companies, extrusion manufactures and taulman3D to specifically develop a single material to meet as many high performance 3D Printing needs as possible.  With a combined tensile strength higher than the strongest co-polyesters, the durability of Nylons, a shrinkage factor that rivals our t-glase, a vast range of chemical resistance and a ~82C working range, you now have one solution easily printable at 250C-255C.

Nylon can be a bit tricky to print so we encourage you to review the information we have available in our filament section HERE.

Nylon is hygroscopic.  This has the benefit of allowing the user to dye the material their color of choice, but similarly requires that the material be stored in a dry area.

The use of a device like the PolyBox is a great way to help ensure long filament life and best results!