INFINITY3D Printers are manufactured by Revolution 3D Printers,  a proudly North American manufacturer based in the heart of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  R3DP provides the high quality and value products and support you’ve come to expect of North American based manufacturers.

The INFINITY3D Printer features a line of professional and commercial grade FDM 3D printers ideally suited for educators, engineers and commercial enterprise.

What sets the INFINITY3D apart?

The heart of the INFINITY3D is a premium all-metal, bolt-on, gear-driven extruder with a heat capacity of 345 C/653 F degrees and a LIFETIME warranty, placing it in a class all its own.

Single or dual extruder models available.

The INFINITY3D Printer comes equipped with a large 3″x6″ WIFI and Cloud enabled touch interface with an onboard slicer that allows seamless upload of your printable files.

The interface also allows the user to modify settings, program presets for favorite materials and prints, preview and make changes to your print, and has a Webcam to notify you when your print is done!

Unique to the INFINITY3D Printer, R3DP has developed an FDM printer with an all aluminum modular frame that allows the end user to stay up with technology and make incremental and cost effective changes and additions to their printer as needs require without buying a new one.

INFINITY3D Printers are available with 9.9 and 24.9 litre build volumes, and coming soon, the INFINITY3D: VULCAN will feature an industry leading 67.8 litre build volume.