Our New Website

Revolution 3D Printers Introducing the INFINITY3D Single and Dual Extruder Printer

Warren Strome, Founder and CEO of Revolution 3D Printers provides a behind the scenes of our INFINITY3D in our workshop.

Our site features an online help desk, an expanded product line including new specialty filaments and improved pictures and video of our INFINITY3D printer. Finally with a growing team, we’re happy to share with you our stories, and what makes us so passionate about the new opportunities that are on the horizon for additive manufacturing in industry.

We are very excited to bring you new content and products on our brand new website:

NEW PRODUCTS We are now carrying the complete line of taulman 3D materials as well as ColorFabb ambien PLA/PHA and specialty filaments like Bronzefill and Copperfill

NEW HELP DESK We have a support database, new articles, a forum for discussion, and personalized system so that you get support when you need it

– NEW UPGRADES available for the INFINITY3D – MatterControl Touch Interface and Single Extrusion to Dual Extrusion or Flexible filament extruder.

– Learn about the many materials compatible with the INFINITY3D printer

– Learn about how Revolution 3D Printers got started

– MEET THE TEAM – You may see us at events; learn more about each member of our growing team

Give us a call at 1-877-269-5510 or email us at sales@revolution3Dprinters.com to find out more about 3D printing solutions for your company.



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