Understand the Rules for 3D Printing

3D printing is fast becoming a very useful tool for education as well as almost every industry. If you are new to 3D Printing it is very important to know and understand the rules for 3d printing and can navigate the numerous technologies currently available to ensure you use the one that best suits your needs?

This chart illustrates the various aspects and rules for the currently available 3d printing technologies.

rules for 3d printing
rules for 3d printing


We’ve relaunched our blog to refine it’s focus and intent.   Occasionally, our blog will feature posts pertaining to the INFINITY3D and its various features and benefits.

However, we would like to open up our blog to 3D printing in general and feature posts from educators and commercial users to share best practices.  We want to hear your stories and to share your work with 3D printers.  Share what has and has not worked.  Or share your inspirational story of how the 3D printer was used.

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…on behalf of the British Columbia Aviation Museum, please let me thank you again for the fabulous work that you did in producing 6, 3 D printed cylinders for our reproduction aircraft engine.

The engine is a Roberts 6X, a 6 cylinder inline water cooled two stoke engine made of aluminium producing 75 H.P. The Roberts Motor Company of Sandusky, Ohio made a series of two-stroke engines for boats, then aircraft.

The Hoffar brothers of North Vancouver used a Roberts 6X in their float plane, the H 1 in 1917. The volunteers of the British Columbia Aviation Museum are in the process of building a full size replica of the Hoffar H 1.

With the great assistance of Warren Strome the owner of Revolution 3 D Printers & assisted by Sandy Colvine, 3 D drawings were produced and 6 cylinders for the engine were 3 D printed.

The results have astounded all that have seen them. Many hours were saved by the volunteers through this process & I believe that we could not have equaled the results on our own.

Robert L. Hopkink
Chief Engineer, Queen of Saanich, retired.

Recently, we put out a tweet about controlling your extruder temperature to reduce filament jams – so here is a more in depth post on tips that can help you reduce those frustrating filament jams!

One of the hardest concept to convey about 3D printing is the plastic used in printing and the subject of plastic waste. Our world is heavily polluted with plastic products and byproducts but we still carry on as consumers and continue to purchase mass manufactured products. It seems as though that is how it has always been and always will be.

So why should you buy a 3D printer buy zovirax just to produce more unwanted plastic? Well, it is actually the opposite effect. 3D printing is unique as you only produce the product you are after without the added environmental damage of mass manufacturing and shipping. Here, we go through a case study of the production of a plastic product by conventional methods vs. 3D printing.

Current order of operations f… Continue reading