Revolution 3D Printers is a Canadian manufacturing and R&D company that manufactures 3D printers, with a focus on technologically innovative product development. We provide our customers with a complete 3D printing solution.

Our R&D division has expertise on the complete 3D printing experience, including hardware, software and materials. As a company, we provide the quality and reliability that’s expected of North American manufacturers.
We are proudly designing, developing, manufacturing and assembling our INFINITY 3D printer in Canada.

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Modular design printers made for future developments and upgrade enhancements

  • 3D Print with different materials

  • Responsive and customizable software

  • Upgrade path from single to dual extruder


Warren's Story

In 2011 I ordered my first 3D printer. I plugged it in, turned it on, and fired it up for the first print. The first print came out just fine, but the further I pushed the machine, the more technical the printouts I tried, the less reliable it became, the more likely it was to fail.

First the belt drive began to wear out, and then pieces started to show fatigue. So I printed more, but I soon realized that inevitably I wouldn’t be able to print the parts this machine would need to keep operating. I realized what so many entrepreneurs do, that the only way to make this product better was to improve on it myself.

Armed with 20 years of experience in aviation engineering I set out to improve on this nascent tech and build a machine that could reliably self replicate, and in so doing I created a printer that can be relied on to deliver at an industrial standard.

Iteration after iteration, I built new models, improved on their flaws and then no prescription used them to create what would inevitably replace them. I assembled new machines, I tested them, I improved on them. Quickly I realized I was doing classic rapid prototyping to make a rapid prototyping machine!

The flexibility of the software and hardware I was working with was only limited by my own abilities. I began producing new iterations of my models in days, then hours. My first printer was unreliable and difficult to use, the software would regularly crash destroying my progress, and a print could fail at any stage, setting me back. I took each set back and improved on the failing component, whether it was hardware or software.

Now I run several printers at once at my printer farm. I start long print jobs, walk away and come back at the end of the day to test my newly fabricated parts. Due to this reliability I can confidently estimate the required time to iterate and produce parts. I don’t worry about 3D printer downtime anymore.

At Revolution 3D Printers we know that the core of every business is the ability to deliver, on time, on budget, and inside parameter. Four years after I started my journey to find a better way, I’m proud to introduce the Infinity 3D Printer on behalf of our team at Revolution 3D Printers.


Warren Strome

Behind the Scenes at Revolution 3D Printers

Our Founder and CEO, Warren Strome, gives a quick look into our workshop to showcase what we have been working on for the past few months. Moving from the acrylic frame to the aluminum frame is just one of the big differences.